Chable Hotel, Wellness Golf — Aerial View
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Ultimate Golf Photo Tour: Wellness Golf

Chable Hotel, Wellness Golf — Aerial View
Who said that a golf course needed to consist of just six, nine or 18 holes? Or a green can have no more than two pins? Or have much structure of any sort?

Certainly not course architect Agustín Pizá and certainly not at the Chablé Yucatán resort in the southern Mexico city of Chocholá.

Pizá, who earned his master’s of science in golf course architecture from Scotland’s Edinburgh University, is a member of both the European Institute of Golf Course Architects and the American Society of Golf Course Architects. He also founded Pizá Golf, a course architectural firm that has a reputation of redefining what a golf facility should be.

Chablé Yucatan is one of a trio of luxury resort locations throughout Mexico. The emphasis of the Chablé franchise is on wellness, integrating food and fitness with the environment and architectural design.

Together, Pizá Golf and Chablé Yucatan created the aptly named Wellness Golf course. (Photo: Piza Golf)
Chable Hotel, Wellness Golf — Course Layout
Wellness Golf is located within the resort's 750 acres and is surrounded by a Mayan forest. It features nine tees and four greens, each with two or three pins, and multiple hazards, for a selection of holes that span up to 200 yards.

“Distinct shot values and angles, in tandem with the serene environment, will create a challenging, yet relaxing experience for all to enjoy,” said Pizá, a writer, television commentator for Golf Channel LATAM and the director of The First Tee program in Mexico. “Regardless of the fixed routings, we want visitors to enter the course and unlearn what they know about traditional golf.” (Photo: Piza Golf)
Chable Hotel, Wellness Golf — Hazards
The course’s concept is a multi-model design with the goal of having a golfer connect to the game on a spiritual, emotional and environmental level.

Think of the two-colored square board in which both checkers and chess could be played. Or imagine the runs on a ski resort that are separated into categories of beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert.

Wellness Golf may be the first ever rule-less golf course.

A round can begin and end at any point on the course, and golfers can create their own unique challenges, such as playing over or around the water. Golfers are encouraged to play barefoot and a round should be a maximum of 90 minutes. (Photo: Piza Golf)
Chable Hotel, Wellness Golf — Bunkering
Construction started in June 2018 and took six months to build, followed by three months to establish the grass, which is Tif-grand Bermudagrass. The design resonated within the course architecture community.

In 2019, the course won a Global Future Design Award in the category of Landscape Design. It was also showcased at the 2019 USGA Innovation Symposium in Tokyo, Japan, and at MIPIM 2019 in Cannes, France. MIPIM is an annual gathering of influencers within various sections of the international real estate industry. (Photo: Piza Golf)