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Top carts, bags for a good golf walk

When coronavirus shelter-in-place orders begin to lift, social distancing practices will likely remain — even on golf courses. Walking is viewed as a safe practice and any from this selection of golf carry bags and carts is sure to improve a round

In the coming weeks, the coronavirus stay-at-home edict for many states will be slowly peeled back. This means increased opportunities to get back on the golf course, though likely with some restrictions, such as distancing 6 feet from others, still in place.

If you plan to play, then walking might be the safer — perhaps even more enjoyable — way to enjoy the game. Walking, though, begs the question, “What do I do with my clubs?”

There are several options when walking: 1, a carry bag; 2, a push cart; and 3, an electric remote-controlled cart. A fourth option is no bag at all and just carry a few clubs. This will immensely help your shot creativity a la Seve Ballesteros. For example, putting with a sand wedge can help you focus on hitting the center of the club and ball. Try it at least once.

Following are some quick recommendations:

Ping Hoofer Lite
Ping's Hoofer Lite lives up to its name by weighing just 5 pounds.

There are a couple of considerations when walking with a carry bag. The bag needs to be lightweight — preferably under about 7 pounds — and functions should include ease of use, comfortable shoulder straps, and pockets for your accessories.

Ping Hoofer: comes in a variety of models, and as you would expect plenty of engineering. The Hoofer Lite weighs in at 5 pounds, has plenty of pockets and sweat-wicking padded shoulder straps should make it a top consideration.

Ogio Shadow Fuse 304: An innovative option that earned gold as the Best Stand Bag in the 2019 Golf Digest Hot List. The Shadow Fuse 304 is focused to deliver the lightest, most comfortable walk, weighing it at a svelte 4.4 pounds. The bag’s rip stop polyester material is similar to that used for a parachute.

In today’s golf world, a pull cart is actually a push cart. The considerations here are will it fit in your trunk and how well does it roll?

Rovic Clicgear 3.5+: Folds to about the size of a carry-on suitcase. When unfolded — and this will take a bit of getting used to — it’s sturdy and rolls with ease. The cart comes with a hand brake and plenty of accessories — such as a cooler bag for your libations — to make walking a dream.

Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX: Highly recommended, light and nimble.

This option is for when you want to walk like a pro and have the wallet to stroll down the fairway in style. While there are also self-propelled options, the following are remote controlled and have three speeds, along with stop, go, left and right steering.

Bat Caddy: The company has been producing remote control carts for more than 16 years. They have a wide range of models. The X4R model is its best seller, with twin 200-watt motors making it built for moderate terrain. The cart folds down to a reasonable size and weighs 22 pounds. The battery will hold a charge for 36 or more holes.

Alphard Golf eWheels: The brand’s club booster conversion kit allows you to combine a variety of push carts into a motorized cart. Remove the wheels on the cart, install adapters and attach the contained lithium battery unit with its own wheels. Being a handyman won’t hurt in trying to put the two together, and the Rovic S model with a swivel front wheel works best. 
Enjoy the fresh air. Stay safe. And after this pandemic is over, keep walking.

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