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GolfThreads: 2020 Zozo Championship, Italian Open style recap

Jacquards, retro reboots, herbaceous hues, trilbies, bobbles, and the biggest plaids you’ve ever seen

Lanto Griffin (Galvin Green) | Rory McIlroy (Nike)

It’s a fact, Jac. Jacquard patterns have quietly been trending the last few years and they are stronger than ever this season. Jacquards differ from prints in that the pattern is woven directly into the fabric using a loom rather than being stamped, printed, or embroidered on top of it. As a result, jacquards offer richer, more elevated looks than prints. While we often see jacquards used in very classic looks, Galvin Green and Nike are using them in geometric patterns to create sporty designs such as on the Malone and Dry Vapor Wing polos, respectively.

Viktor Hovland (J.Lindeberg)

Sticking with the jacquard theme brings us to Viktor Hovland. Embossed fabrics (or brocades) are forms of jacquards and the intricate design on Hovland’s Pine polo is comprised of iconic J.Lindeberg logos. Viktor’s looks have been up and down more than the stock market lately, but he nailed this one. The slimmer cut of this polo gave him a trimmer look and it stayed tucked in.

Matt Wallace (J.Lindeberg)

One of the things I like about JL’s latest collection is the blend of modern and old-school designs. Nothing says vintage JL more than the brand’s signature bridge logo stretched across the back of a golf polo. This design has stood the test of time for 20 years.

Billy Horschel | Justin Thomas (Polo Ralph Lauren)

Ralph Lauren went even further back into the archives by reviving the cuddly Polo bear from the ‘90s as part of a collaboration with TrendyGolf. As we’ve talked about, retro looks from the last decade of the 20th Century have been a strong trend in 2020. If you wait long enough, everything in fashion seems to make a comeback in new and modern ways. This is one polo every golf fashion aficionado should have in his closet.

Rickie Fowler (Puma Golf)

A fall color trend is herbs that you’ll find on your Thanksgiving table. Puma calls this color ‘thyme.’ ‘Sage’ is another muted green to work into your wardrobe as the days get shorter.

Tyrrell Hatton (Adidas Golf) | Jason Day (Nike)

Speaking of fall colors, these berry colors are getting a lot of play from a number of brands and players. We’ve seen them paired with white, grey, black, and khaki, but navy blue is clearly the best complement. 

Tapio Pulkkanen (Callaway Europe)

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the certain swagger needed to rock a bucket hat on the course. Taking that headwear swagger to another level is Tapio Pulkkanen with his trilby hat. While the floppy is all about cool, casual, and feel-good vibes, the trilby is serious and sophisticated. Often confused for a fedora, the trilby has a shorter crown and a shorter brim that is angled down in the front and up in the back.

Andrea Saracino (Ping) | Rikard Karlberg (Hugo Boss)

On the topic of hats, we are approaching the time of the year when important fairway fashion decisions need to be made. None is more important than whether to bobble or not to bobble. I’m squarely in the corner of the bobble as it is another retro style that makes me feel nostalgic. I remember sporting multicolored bobble hats of various football teams as a wee lad back in the day. Now, the bobbles add a bit of personality to on-course looks.

Laurie Canter (Galvin Green)

We’ve been all-in on Galvin Green’s collection of mid-layers this fall. In previous weeks, we’ve featured some of the brand’s lighter weight pieces for early fall, but this week, Laurie Canter showcased the new Duke Insula Pullover. The padded outer sleeves are perfect for the cooler late fall conditions. The Duke is also constructed from recycled plastic, so you can feel good about feeling warm.

Naomi Sekito (Jack Bunny)

One of the great aspects of the Zozo Championship is seeing the Japanese players show up and show out with some serious swagger. None more so than Naomi Sekito who left nothing in the bag with a series of daring looks from Jack Bunny. While I can’t say the white belts and text-covered trousers will find their way into my closet, the macro plaids offer a bold look and a heavy texture for fall.

Ryo Ishikawa (Callaway Japan)

Of course, when it comes to the Japanese players, no one brings more fire than Ryo Ishikawa. From emerald green trousers and complex patterns to braided belts, the Bashful Prince hit all the right notes throughout the week. After being left out in the cold last year, Ishikawa is making a strong case for making a return to our best-dressed list for 2020.

This column originally appeared on Golf-Threads.com, our content partner for golf fashion and trends.

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