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Psycho Bunny hops into Golf

Psycho Bunny, a bold contemporary clothing brand, has secured its place in the golf industry with an endorsement deal with Abraham Ancer, professional PGA Tour player


“We are thrilled to welcome Abraham to the Psycho Bunny family,” said Elara Verret, VP of Marketing. “He embodies the Psycho Bunny personality of sophisticated mischief. As a brand that prides itself on uniqueness, it’s a pleasure to embrace someone who shares a similar likeness.”


It takes a unique personality and a bit of bravado to choose a mentally unstable rabbit as a logo over the traditional horses, sheep, pigs and crocodiles that are featured on the more traditional brands.

“I approached Psycho Bunny a few years back, as the brand has always interested me. It’s different, unique and irreverent. As the only Psycho Bunny athlete on the PGA Tour, it gives me great joy to have a brand respect and further my individuality. I look forward to representing the Psycho Bunny brand and building on our partnership both on and off the course,” said the Mexican American golfer.

Ancer, born in San Antonio, Texas, and raised in Reynosa, Mexico, joined the PGA Tour in 2016 and won the Australian Open in December of last year. He is the top-ranked of five fellow Mexicans in the PGA Tour and is currently qualified to be part of the international team at this year’s President’s Cup in Australia.

Abraham Ancer is also the only player on tour sponsored by the exclusive Miura brand of golf clubs, famous for its Japanese precise craftmanship. In a similar way, and despite its lighthearted nature, Psycho Bunny is also known for its precise signature, hand-finished polo shirts.


Featuring a pique that retains its shape and color after washing, each polo sells at around $98 and is finished with a side vent and mother of pearl buttons. The brand now includes t-shirts, pants, outerwear, cashmere scarves, socks, and hats, with dedicated retail stores in Japan, South America and the United States.

“I really like the logo, the name Psycho Bunny sounds cool, and all the colors and materials they use are really fun. I think it is very cool stuff to wear”, added Ancer.

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