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Survey Indicates Better Equipped Golfers Play More Often

Serious Golfers are better equipped than ever with high performance clothing designed to help them play the game more often even in extreme conditions, according to new research commissioned by leading golf apparel brand Galvin Green


Research undertaken by Sports Marketing Surveys, Inc. last October canvassed more than 5,000 men (86%) and women (14%) on both sides of the Atlantic who identify as serious golfers about their playing and buying habits and the garments they see as essential.

The survey indicates that being a serious golfer comes down to four things -- ‘seeking to reduce the handicap figure’ (86%); playing at least once a week (69%); practicing at the driving range regularly (58%); and playing in all weather conditions (42%). On average, American ‘Serious Golfers’ hold lower handicaps and have been playing much longer, while nearly half those British players who identify with the title (49%) view ‘playing in all weather’ as reason to be called serious.

In terms of protective clothing, the vast majority of serious golfers (81%) own a pair of waterproof trousers (74% US/89% UK); well over half (59%) have an unlined waterproof jacket (68% US/48% UK); and nearly two-thirds (63%) carry a lined waterproof jacket for extra warmth (58% US/68% UK). Interestingly, more than three out of four (78%) are equipped with a windproof jacket (82% US/73% UK); and one in three also have a pair of windproof trousers (33%).


“This survey confirms how serious golfers value golf clothing as an essential part of their equipment to improve scoring and enjoyment out on the course,” said Steve Hendren, President of Galvin Green USA. “Our 2019 range of premium clothing reflects this with an exciting new innovations in outerwear that improve comfort and styling throughout the entire range.”.

More than half of serious golfers’ (57%) view golf clothing as an essential item of golf equipment that helps them play more often. The main reasons cited for the growing importance of golf clothing are ‘waterproof and windproof protection is increasingly vital’ (80%); ‘new fabric technology is more comfortable & breathable’ (76%); and ‘having complementary layers can enhance performance’ (54%). They are also conscious of the fact that ‘looking the part adds to the feel-good factor’ (49%); and ‘the lightness of modern gear means you can carry more options’ (47%).

When it comes to purchasing golf clothing, most serious golfers (45%) buy new garments every 1-6 months, with one in four across both nations spending once each month. The majority in America buy from an on-course Pro Shop (35%), while in Britain it’s split between on-course and online retailers.

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