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Royal Albartross -- a cut above

Royal Albartross London is a luxury golf shoe company that’s making its mark.


Founded in 2007 by designer Alex Bartholomew, Royal Albartross London (RA) was conceived from her obsession to create the world’s finest golf shoe. The brand produces quality golf footwear and leather accessories in comfortable and stylish designs.

Known for blending classic British style with superior Montegranaro Italian craftsmanship and materials, RA’s footwear is finished with a signature orange sole. Each pair of Royal Albartross shoes features Italian leather, German stainless steel components, Japanese laces, and high-tech golf cleats from the United States.

The brand employs master artisans who craft each aspect of the shoe by hand. It takes nearly ten weeks and more than 250 tasks to make a single pair of Royal Albartross golf shoes. This one-of-a-kind combination is the DNA of Royal Albartross London’s brand identity.


Another signature feature of the shoe is its crossover ability. It is not unusual for golfers to go to dinner or to a client meeting after a quick 9 holes nor is it a surprise that tournament spectators covet fashion-forward golf offerings. RA recognizes golf’s place in the athleisure trend and tailors its product offerings to meet that need.

Available now on the RA website for men, the Croco Black is a limited edition offering that screams rock star with its Italian leather and gold hardware. Its patterned leather design is made for golfers who want a statement shoe that attracts attention and empties the wallet. It sells for $319 with free shipping to the US and Canada.

Another men’s model is the Driver. As its name suggests, this shoe moves the needle with its casual yet classic style. Thanks to a lightweight, hybrid construction and an Apex sole, the Driver excels when put to the test on the tee box, yet its outsole provides the durability needed for every day wear. Offered at $229 on the RA website with free shipping to the US and Canada, it’s a shoe worth the price.

New for women in 2019 is the Runway collection. In supple leathers and bold animal prints, the shoe is a perfect fusion of high-end ballet flats with soft-spike soles. The Runway collection takes ladies’ golf shoes to the next level. The shoe sells for $199 and is available on the RA website with free shipping to the US and Canada.


All of these styles are designed with the links to life concept in mind and will not disappoint!

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