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Choosing a shoe by the lace thanks to Puma

It’s unusual to purchase a shoe because of the lacing options, but that’s what Puma is banking on with its new NXT collection.


The NXT line has the Ignite NXT Solelace, the Ignite NXT Lace and the Ignite NXT Disc, each with a unique lacing system designed to provide the best feel from the ground up.

Two other shoes in the collection, the NXT Pro and the NXT Solelace Women’s round out the collection.


Let’s face it, outside of your hands, your feet are the next most important part of the golf swing and the most important part when you’re walking the course during your round.

The NXT Solelace wraps the laces around the foot rather than tightening the upper part of the shoe to the sole, making the foot and shoe as close to one another as possible.

The NXT Lace is more a traditional model, but the upper part of the shoe allows for more support and stability than other models.


NXT Disc is a self-locking disc system, making the process of securing the shoe on your foot a simple click.

All designs come in four colors, making coordination easy.

The retail price of the NXT Solelase, Lace, Disc and Pro are $140 and the NXT Women’s is $120.

Something to look forward to once you hit the links again.

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