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Golf Headcovers - It's Personal

Whether it be a college mascot, favorite breed of dog or a nickname, stuffed animals perched on our drivers have been around for a while and add a level of fun to our otherwise serious sport.


Taking that element of self-expression up a notch, companies such as Canada-based, Dormie Workshop see an opportunity to work with fabrics like Italian leather to create one of a kind, crafted golf headcovers.


We can order covers custom made that have special meaning, honor a life event, have sentimental value, show patriotism, or display support for our favorite hockey team.

I can give a personal case-in-point. I’ve been carting my late Grandpa Fergie’s tartan scarf around for decades - house to house, city to city. I may have worn it a few times but mostly it sat in a dresser drawer.

When Dormie Workshop showed up at the PGA Merchandise Show a few years ago, I saw an opportunity. I finally knew what to do with the scarf that accompanied my grandfather from Scotland to America. My new driver cover was in the works.

I love the heritage it stands for. I love looking at it every time I grab my bag. Dormie even kept the “Ferguson” tag on the wool plaid cover and mixed it with beautiful, premium white leather. It’s mine and there’s not another like it.

Some consider golf headcovers as equipment because that’s what they protect. But custom covers make a statement. They’re creative. They represent who you are and show individualism and that’s fashionable.

We asked Dormie Workshop co-founder, Todd Bishop, why he thinks there has been a surge in the custom golf headcover space. In addition to the ‘emotional’ side of it, Bishop gives some practical reasons.

  • Most covers are mass produced with inferior materials and function poorly.
  • It’s been an overlooked accessory for a long time and now it’s in vogue.
  • Genuine leather feels better than vinyl or fake leather.
  • It’s become a status symbol and talking point.

Dormie’s deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors to make limited edition leather golf headcovers are some examples of the trend. Dormie also plans to have products in Golf Galaxy's 95 stores by the end of the year.
Name dropping works. Brooke Henderson, David Hearn, Graham Delaet, Brent Seabrook, Tom Brady, John Elway, Russel Wilson, Nick Faldo, Grant Fuhr, Wayne Gretzky have custom Dormie’s in their bags.


“Our covers are all handmade by local artists with five staff members who are recent graduates of Nova Scotia’s College of Art and design,” said Bishop. “Each piece is made with care and precision guaranteeing quality and craftsmanship.”

“We use many mediums for ornamentation often combining more than one to create original pieces of art,” Bishop adds. “Our main decorative mediums are laser cut leather with appliqué, embroidery and laser etching. Our graphic designers work hand in hand with the production team to continually push boundaries on what is possible in this niche space.”

If custom doesn’t spark your imagination, combing through Dormie Workshop’s online selection of stocked covers might inspire you. And since gifting season is rapidly approaching, I would strongly suggest a non-conveyor belt, mass-produced golf club headcover for that individual, self-expressive golfer on your list.

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