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STATE APPAREL – Reinventing Golf apparel


STATE APPAREL designs patent pending & functional golf clothes by incorporating layers into their golf pants and shirts. The layers are special towel-like fabrics for cleaning a golfer’s hands, clubs and balls.

The company believes they’re reinventing golf clothing by transforming it into golf equipment. If you watch golfers closely, you’ll notice golfers wiping their clubs and balls on their shirts and pants. The STATE APPAREL line provides an immediate solution so golfers don’t need to step away from a shot to grab a towel; the layering in the clothes is a substitute towel.

In addition to their new concept with golf clothing, STATE APPAREL is also bucking the globalization trend in the apparel industry by focusing on locally made products. For a growing number of savvy golfers, buying local is important and STATE APPAREL is capitalizing on that need.


According to CEO and founder, Jason Yip, “Staying true to where we're from and who we are, it makes perfect sense to manufacture our products in San Francisco. We are fortunate to have amazing sewing facilities in San Francisco and at the end of the day it feels great to be a part of and contribute to a thriving local economy.”

Keeping things local is important to the company in more ways than manufacturing the products. The company has also designed the green collar shirt, a commemorative item to support preserving green space in San Francisco.

“If we don’t maintain and sustain public green spaces, we will lose them and have only ourselves to blame. I wanted to do my part and came up with the green collar shirt to help support the work of the Audubon Cooperative Program for Sanctuary Golf. A portion of the profits from the shirt goes to the Audubon program,” said Jason.


The Audubon program is a non-profit organization helping golf courses protect the environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game.

Giving customers a choice matters to STATE APPAREL and they are determined to provide buyers with the option to buy local and support the heritage of the game at the same time.

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