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What to Wear Notebook - Skyline Golf Shoe + MacKenzie Golf Bags

Callaway Footwear Introduces Skyline Golf Shoe

Callaway footwear is expanding its spikeless offerings with the addition of the new Skyline golf shoe. This contemporary classic design is fused with the new Callaway POWERdrive™ Platform for total comfort and performance.

Callaway's new Skyline golf shoe offers a very clean, contemporary styling with its roots being grounded in technical performance. The foundation of the shoe is built on Callaway's new POWERdrive™ platform. This platform features a Duo-Max™ midsole, that offers a soft and comfortable top layer of EVA foam, surrounded by a more supportive bottom layer of foam, resulting in optimal support and stability.

The FusionLite™ TPU spikeless outsole is built for maximum stability and traction. The outsole includes strategic cutouts to allow the shoe to flex and move with the foot throughout the swing. Inside the shoe is the POWERdrive insole. The POWERdrive insole comforts the foot with soft, molded EVA, but also features additional heel and arch support. The upper is made of full-grain leather with Opti-dri™ waterproof protection. The Skyline is backed by a two-year waterproof warranty.

The Skyline golf shoe will be in the golf shops in early October and like all Callaway footwear, it will be ready to wear right out of the box.

MacKenzie Golf Bags

MacKenzie golf bags are works of art completely crafted by hand. They begin their journey in a few select tanneries where hides are chosen. The hides are then skived, folded, hammered and matched by expert leather cutters before moving on to the stitchers. Individual pieces of leather are guided through powerful sewing machines as the bag begins to take shape. The finishing touches and final pieces of hardware are applied with precise attention to detail.

Each step contributes to the heritage of the MacKenzie Walker -- a golf bag that you will carry for many, many rounds. Since 1985, MacKenzie has made hand-crafted single strap walking golf bags using the highest quality materials available. The bags are beloved the world over for their simplicity, functionality and durability. Each MacKenzie bag is unique and custom made to order.

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