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New: Golf-specific Sunglasses by Scheyden Eyewear

Based in Huntington Beach, Calif., West Coast Trends, Inc., is best known in the golf world for its subsidiary Club Glove, and the patented Train Reaction System (TRS) luggage system that makes it easier to travel with golf clubs.

Founder and CEO, Jeff Herold, is a golfer, surfer, outdoor guy and pilot. So it makes sense he knows a little something about travel gear, but also the need for exceptional sunglasses that fight the sun’s glare for extended periods of time while flying.

Scheyden Precision Eyewear is the arm of his business that deals directly with that element, and has become a supplier to the United States Air Force Thunderbird Team, developing high-quality sunglasses that provide long-wear comfort and lens clarity.

The new Scheyden sunglass model, ‘Confidence in Action,’ or ‘CIA,’ brings the essential aviator elements and applies them to a golf-specific product.

“Our goal is not to simply impress those who regularly wear sunglasses on the golf course, but to impress those who have never been able to wear sunglasses during a round of golf,” said Herold. “More than half of the players on the PGA Tour never wear sunglasses primarily because they believe it somehow hinders their game. If we can bring to market a product that not only protects a player’s eyes but actually enhances their ability to see and play with confidence, then we’ve hit a home run.”

The golf-specific ‘CIA’ is handmade in Japan and features a feather-light yet very strong titanium frame. The frame also includes adjustable, oversized, soft silicone nose pads that will keep the frames comfortably in place during a golf swing.

The lens is high definition and they are top drill mounted which elevates 60 percent of the lower frame allowing for an unobstructed view while addressing or looking down at the ball.

The lens brightens and sharpens your vision on the golf course and still provides 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. The ‘CIA’ is also unisex.

“When blending dyes to colorize the tint on any lens, one must consider the reaction ‘visible light spectrum’ has on the human brain,” added Herold. “After several attempts, we feel we have found the perfect sweet spot within the spectrum that will create the perfect contrast and color for the game of golf. This will allow a golfer to wear the CIA’s for the entire round including shots in either sun or shade.”

Landing at $349 a pair, we expect the CIA’s to perform as promised - a three-year lens replacement guarantee, plus thirty-day return policy provides ample time for a test drive.

For more information, go to scheyden.com.

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