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Fusing Tradition, Elegance and Function: Course & Club

When Tiffany O’Malley, founder and designer, of Course & Club took up the game of golf, she quickly learned that golf apparel for women was lacking.

All the popular brands offered almost identical pieces and none of them could transition seamlessly from the course to everyday wear.

With a fashion degree in her corner, Tiffany used her knowledge and skills to design her own women’s golf apparel line. The result is a return to tradition with an elegant and functional spin.

“I wanted to create a line for women that captured the elegance and tradition of the game. The designer in me started thinking and planning and after some trial and error, the Course & Club designs emerged,” said Tiffany.

One of the foundational pieces, the Course & Club skorts, have a high waist and slimming cut that combine function and fashion. Created with light-weight luxury fabrics and paired with breathable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial mesh shorts, they will quickly become a favortie piece.

The golf polos were created with a salute to tradition. With a generous fit, breathable, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric and a ribbed knit color, the classic polo is designed to keep you cool and comfortable on and off the course.

Giving back is also a critical part of the Course & Club mission. They have partnered with select organizations around the country to offer recreational opportunities for children and adults with special needs and cancer. Course & Club also gives a portion of every item sold to financially support the organizations.

Designing the preppy, elegant apparel line for women is Tiffany’s passion. The fact that she also supports her community through recreational events and donations is an added bonus!

Take a look at: Course & Club.

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