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Open Championship Hats -- an affordable memento

The Claret Jug logo is the defining part of all British Open Championship apparel and it is most distinctive in the head wear options this year at Carnoustie.

With more colors and alternative name drops, the Open and Claret Jug logo is more festive than years past according to Tracy Wilson, the National Sales Manager of Ahead.

When Wilson first started servicing the R&A for the British Open, she was told that navy, white, gray and black were the only colors that sold. Over time, she’s learned that it’s actually the bright colors that are the big sellers.

“It's affordable,” Wilson said of why headwear sells so well.   “Everybody can purchase a hat they may not be able to afford a jumper or a polo shirt, but headwear definitely is something that they can afford, it's a souvenir that they can take home and they usually end up buying one or two for their friends as well.”

At £23, it’s one of the best bargains in The Shop this week at Carnoustie.

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