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Trending: Prints & Patterns for Golf

The prints and patterns trend in golf apparel is in full swing, and what better time to wear fun, whimsical, bold motifs than summer.

Barbecues, beach, sailing, happy hours, fishing, traveling and on the golf course - prints are what to wear now. 

Travis Mathew is one brand that has embraced the print concept for some time. "From day one, fun has been a huge part of Travis Mathew’s culture, whether it be through our videos or social media we always remember to not take ourselves too seriously,” said Ryan Ellis, president Travis Mathew. “Our all-over print polos have been a huge hit and are some of our best sellers this year. We make them in wearable colors that are extremely versatile.  Rather than just being your go-to party shirt, it ends up being a shirt for all occasions.”

The male members at Martis Camp, a private golf/ski residence in the Lake Tahoe area of Northern California, are responding really well to the print movement according to merchandise manager, Joan Sarlo. “Our guys like adding a little fun to their golf wardrobes. It’s a nice way to show individual style with something different,” she said.

Additional brands with standout prints in its collections include Original Penguin’s Pete on the Beach, Bonobos’ flamingo, Greyson Clothier’s Dances with Wolves, Devereux’s monstera leaf, Ralph Lauren’s Monterey graphic, Chase54’s Stride triangle geometric print and Golfino’s colorful abstract design to name a few.  

Prints are a way to update a closet full of striped polo shirts and solid golf skirts. Whether it’s the appeal of a little critter, a bold artistic swath or graphics that transport you to another place, prints and patterns have a way of making us say, “Hey, that’s me!”

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