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Shades for Summer Golf

Protecting our eyes when out in the sun for any length of time, including while golfing, is critical. 

Wearing a hat helps, but those strong UVA and UVB rays are bouncing off all sorts of surfaces, so sunglasses need to be a required accessory in our golf equipment bag. 

Similar to increased awareness of the importance of using sunscreen, eye protection is slowly making its case. Many, if not most, pros don’t wear sunglasses. It’s a divisive topic for a myriad of reasons. Sunglasses need to be lightweight, not cause distortion, deal with shadows, not block peripheral vision and stay in place.


But since most of us weekend hacks aren’t playing for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we are more ‘sun smart’ than those who walked the fairways before us, we have no excuse not to wear sunglasses during our rounds. 

Here are a few sunglasses currently on our radar. 

  • Under Armour introduced its UA Tuned vision performance and recovery sunglasses at the 2018 PGA Show in January. The collection of lens options provide heightened contrast and improved depth perception on the course, plus a restorative option to help regulate the eyes post round. The style shown here is Recovery Glimpse ($110).  
  • Electric took the eye protecting technologies they developed for reducing glare on the ocean and in the snow to work for the golf course. The Knoxville S ($140) comes in three frame styles, (including a cool black camo), and several protective lens choices. 
  • Tifosi has been all about sports optics since 2003, and offers an array of styles at wallet-friendly prices. The Jet ($39.95) has frames with high bending strength and no-slip fit. Personal note: My Tifosi’s are at least eight years old and I still wear them hiking because I can barely feel them on my face. 
  • Raen Barolo sunglasses ($180) are a unisex, rectangular shaped, lightweight navigator style featuring a coin edge metal rim, mono block hinge and signature flared temple design. The plum brown lens is 100 percent UVA/UV protective, and also come in RX.

Whether serious golf eyewear or trendy - all offer more protection than going bare eyed. And, in case you need to be reminded of the health facts, www.skincancer.org will help you become a believer. 

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