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It’s Hip to be Hipp

Who put the Leisure in Ath-leisure? Simple answer, Linda Hipp.

Who put the Leisure in Ath-leisure? Simple answer, Linda Hipp. In 1997 Linda Hipp, then a little-known designer, created HYP Golf, a collection of forward thinking golfwear. Rather than seeing clothing as a bland extension of one’s equipment, Linda created stylish, colorful sportswear.

Lynda’s clothing made no compromises and was created, not just by a designer, but by a golfer with no formal design experience who understood what she wanted to wear on the course and off. 

Even though it was tough at the beginning, Linda stuck with her convictions and soon developed a strong following among avid golfers and non golfers. 

I remember having a conversation with Linda at the PGA Show in 2003 when we discovered we were tennis players who fell in love with golf. Shortly thereafter, the company changed its name to Lija, to more accurately reflect its expanding offerings into tennis, training, running and yoga. 

With the collection growing, Linda had confidence to expand into designs that matched her busy lifestyle. She broadened the offerings to include more non-golf apparel. Consumers reacted positively and started to wear their Lija sportswear not just on the course, court or gym, but also for everyday wear.

And thus, my friends, was the start of what we now call Athleisure. 

Lija, based in Vancouver, is far removed from the hectic pace of Seventh Avenue giving Linda and her team the opportunity to grow the brand without the distractions of NYC. And the results? Today, the brand is better than ever. Linda describes her creative process and vision as “wanting to provide customers options.”

One of the best places to see the Lija collections is at the PGA Tour Superstores. PGATSS present the Lija offerings with a focus on “creating options” for their customers staying true to Linda’s vision. 

Linda Hipp is has figured out a way to excel as an athlete, mother, CEO and mentor. Clearly, solid credentials for a solid person in my book!

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