Rory McIlroy Then & Now golf swing

May 28, 2020 07:01 PM

Welcome to “Swings: Then & Now” powered by Swing Index. In this new series, we’ll highlight the “before" and "after” swing changes from some of the world’s top players and break them down so that you can understand how they made long-lasting improvements to their swings.

Joe Plecker, the chief swing officer at Swing Index and the narrator in the video presented here, says touring professionals and top amateur players choose to make swing changes to improve one or more of four key areas in their game:

  1. Hitting more greens in regulation
  2. Developing more distance and accuracy off the tee
  3. Becoming more consistent in their putting
  4. Improving their scrambling and overall play around the green

Plecker identifies 21 key parts of the golf swing, including grip, posture and hinge. One change will affect the other parts, and, if done correctly, can add up to better results.

Now, let’s take a look at Rory McIlroy and his swing in 2011 vs. 2019 and see how he developed the swing that made him the No. 1 player in the world.

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