Introducing Signature Holes, a new video series highlighting some of the most spectacular holes in golf

May 14, 2020 09:21 PM

A round of golf is packed with wonderful moments. Holing an unexpected putt. Flushing a drive down the middle. Cool air whistling in your ears. Burgers fresh off the grill at the turn.

And then there’s the rush of anticipation while striding atop a tee box on a great golf hole, contemplating the setting and just saying, “Wow.” We’re hoping to transmit some of those goose bumps through your screen, as we launch our new series, “Signature Holes.”

These past few months have been unprecedented and transformative, and for many golfers around the U.S., their local courses only recently have reopened. In the months before the COVID-19 virus landed in North America, our partners at Fore Golf spanned the country shooting dramatic aerial footage at courses, some well known and others under the radar, from picturesque public tracks to exclusive private enclaves. Over the next several weeks, we’ll present their signature holes in short, dramatic videos in our new weekly series.

And as long as we’re here, let’s toss out the question: what is a signature golf hole?

It might mean something different for all of us, but the narrator in the accompanying video offers a solid start:

“They are bucket-listers whose reputations precede themselves. Where natural beauty and shotmaking collide. The holes that make this game so great. Whether it’s their inspiring views or the challenge in overcoming them, they’re the holes that stick with you long after you leave the course.”

We hope our new series sticks with you long after you’ve watched.

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