Want more control in your swing? Try these drills for lower-body stability

December 09, 2020 11:46 AM

It's Week 2 of mobility training with Projct Golf, a new Morning Read fitness partner. In this episode, host Jordan Jeske has a series of stretches and drills that will help you add strength and stability to your lower core, a key to controlling your swing.

Watch the video above for the tips and look for more videos soon on MR.TV. Here's the rundown:

1) Hip thrusters: We talked last week how hip extension will allow you to create a true expression of power in your golf swing. This is a great exercise for creating pelvic control and to strengthen the muscles needed to maintain a consistent golf posture. You will feel this in your butt and behind your legs (hamstrings). Perform 15-20 reps, 1-3x through. 

2) Half-kneeling sling rotations: Balance and stability is one of the foundations of creating a consistent and powerful golf swing. This exercise will help you create more awareness and control of your ability to properly rotate during your swing. Make sure your knees are at 90 degrees, and push your knee into the bench or wall at about 50 percent capacity while you rotate over your knee. Be sure to keep your knee in contact with the bench or wall at all times. Perform 10 reps/side 1-3x through

3) Banded hip rotations: Time to activate the glutes. This is a great exercise not only to work on control of your hip internal and external rotation, but also to work those butt muscles to create balance and power. Make sure you have the band just above your knees and grab the ground with your feet. We don't want your ankles to roll back and fourth. Try and keep the rest of your body still, just moving one hip at a time. Perform 10reps/ side 1-3x through

4) Adductor lunges: Your lower body should be feeling spicy by now. Make sure to take this one slowly, as it will really challenge your lower body. Place a longer band just above the knee, not right on the joint. Step away from the anchor point so that there is some resistance on the band but can maintain balance. Make sure to grab and push your big toe into the ground as you slowly step back into a lunge. Step back up and make sure to try and straighten the leg and squeeze your glutes. You will feel the burn on this one. Perform 8 reps/side 1-3x through.

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