Need for speed? These drills will add power to your core (and your swing)

December 16, 2020 11:56 AM

It's Week 3 of mobility training with Projct Golf, a new Morning Read fitness partner. In this episode, host Jordan Jeske has a series of stretches and drills that will help you add speed and power to your lower core.

Watch the video above for the tips and look for more videos soon on MR.TV. Here's the rundown:

Kneeling hip thrusts: Last week, we talked about the importance of creating efficient and strong extension of the hips. Now we're going to add speed with more of a golf focus. The kneeling hip thrusts are a great way to feel yourself load properly into your hips. This will help with losing posture, getting too "armsy" and any sort of sway and slide through the swing. Make sure this exercise is hip-driven and not controlled by your upper body. It's all in the hips! Start slowly and work your way up in speed.  Perform 3 sets 10 reps/side

Disassociation planks: Creating separation of your lower and upper body is probably one of the most important skills we can learn as golfers. This is a great drill that not only works on stability through the shoulders, core and hips but will give you a better understanding of how to rotate your hips though the body. Make sure to get your “belt buckle” toward the target. Perform 3 sets 5 reps/side

Airplane knee drives: Building off our airplane hip rotations from last week, we want to focus on balance and our weight centered over our foot. Grab the ground and make sure you are in a position that you can balance without the support. From there make sure you load your hip and feel the muscle on the back of your leg (hamstring). Keep the hips square and drive the opposite knee toward your chest. Make sure to bring the one heel off the ground and get to your toes. That will ensure you are getting to full hip extension, leading to more speed and power. Perform 3 sets 10/side 

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