Get your swing in sync with your body

January 19, 2021 05:10 PM

It's Week 6 of mobility training with Projct Golf, a new Morning Read fitness partner. In this episode, host Jordan Jeske has a simple drill to help get your body golf-ready.

Watch the video above for the tip and look for more videos soon on MR.TV. Here's the rundown:

Here is a sequencing drill you can practice at home, on the driving range or even on course to help with timing your kinematic sequence of your golf swing.

Host Jordan Jeske uses this drill, with a golf club, on course when he feels like his sequencing is off and he needs to create some awareness and separation. Try it yourself!

Part 1: Easy golf stretches to improve lower mobility
Part 2: Drills for lower-body stability
Part 3: Power your lower core
Part 4: Build 3 sources of power
Part 5: Boost your flexibility with one move

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