Boost your flexibility with this simple stretch

January 12, 2021 12:19 PM

It's Week 5 of mobility training with Projct Golf, a new Morning Read fitness partner. In this episode, host Jordan Jeske has one simple drill to help get your body golf-ready.

Watch the video above for the tips and look for more videos soon on MR.TV. Here's the rundown:

Golfers need to move well in all planes of motion. From extension to flexion, side bending and rotation. We need to be able to transition seamlessly from one to the next in order to have a repeatable and consistent golf swing. 

Give this mobility flow a try. Performing 3-5 reps a side, 1-3 times through. 

Part 1: Easy golf stretches to improve lower mobility
Part 2: Drills for lower-body stability
Part 3: Power your lower core
Part 4: Build 3 sources of power

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