A hip stretch for better movement on and off the golf course

April 20, 2021 11:40 AM

Do your hips ever get so tight that you barely can get out of bed in the morning? Or, once you're on the range, do you have a hard time making a proper turn in your backswing or transition to your downswing properly?

Pain, mobility and efficiency issues can be traced to the hips. If you want to perform better on and off the course, you have to keep those hips moving and grooving. 

Give this standing pigeon stretch a try to help open up your lower body and give you more range of motion to move, feel and perform better on and off the golf course. Perform 2-3 times, for 1-2 minutes each. 

Watch the video above, and look for more golf fitness video tips from "Projct Golf," coming soon to MR.TV.

Part 1: Easy golf stretches to improve lower mobility
Part 2: Drills for lower-body stability
Part 3: Power your lower core
Part 4: Build 3 sources of power
Part 5: Boost your flexibility with one move
Part 6: Get your swing in sync with your body
Part 7: Control your upper and lower body
Part 8: One drill for power and speed
Part 9: Strengthen your core, shoulders and hips in one move
Part 10: A lower-body move to power up your swing
Part 11: One drill to get your posture right
Part 12: A drill to create separation and power
Part 13: Efficient power? It's all in the hips
Part 14: Improve your posture from the seat of your couch

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