A drill to improve your golf posture as you watch Masters on TV

April 07, 2021 11:39 AM

Last week, our Projct Golf series featured a drill to create more efficient hip extension from your lower body. Today, host Jordan Jeske has a drill to strengthen that range of motion and focus on two muscle groups to create a stronger and more consistent swing: hamstrings and abs.

In your address position, these two areas must work hard to maintain proper posture. The stronger they are, the more endurance and capacity you'll have to make it through an entire round without breaking down.

While watching golf this weekend, perform 15 reps of each exercise for three sets: 1-2 times while the lead groups are on the front nine and 1-2 times as they play the back nine.

Watch the video above, and look for more new drills from "Projct Golf," coming soon to the MR.TV.

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