Want to be more consistent? Start by building a "stock shot"

November 05, 2020 04:19 PM

This is the first episode of a partnership between Morning Read and the Golf Room Everywhere, which has a mission to help golfers everywhere play their best. In this series, Golf Channel Academy lead coach Kyle Morris will help you build consistency in your game by showing you how to create a “stock shot” that you can rely on. Here’s what you get out of this video, and this series:

• You'll know where your ball is going to start and how it's going to curve every time you swing the club.
• Your shots will start playing "offense" and work toward your target, rather than curving away from it.
• You'll have a shot you can rely on, no matter the situation.

Watch the video above, and sign up for TGRe’s Master Plan to receive all the drills and videos you need to build a stock shot into your game.

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