Swing of the Week: Tyrrell Hatton's lower body action is secret to his success

October 30, 2020 02:00 PM

This fall, Tyrrell Hatton has emerged as one of the hottest players on the PGA Tour. Part of that success comes from a solid swing that holds up under pressure. In this first of a new series sponsored by Swing Index, we take a look at Hatton's swing, and how his move can work for any golfer.

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One of the elements of a swing that has led to consistency for Hatton is his lower-body turn in the backswing. When we analyze this movement, we see that his trail hip points upward when he gets to the top of his backswing. This move is facilitated by the left knee bending, which allows the lower body to load whilst also preventing sway.

So although everybody’s swing looks a little different, when we look at Tyrrell Hatton, he demonstrates the importance of having a correct lower-body turn and how that is the foundation to his success. There is a cause-and-effect relationship between the lower-body turn and what we will see in the upper body, the arm structure and the ability to control the club into the downswing. For this reason, Swing Index coaches have found that you need a score of seven or above on the lower-body turn to be successful and take control of the other elements of your swing.

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