Swing of the Week: Rory McIlroy's downswing is key to his power and accuracy

November 08, 2020 06:33 PM

Over the past decade Rory McIlroy has been one of the world's most dominant drivers of the golf ball. In the latest episode in a new series sponsored by Swing Index, you can learn a lot from McIlroy’s downswing and release, especially if you want more speed in your game.

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Rory’s body sequence is his No. 1 strength -- and its also the No. 1 swing fault in amateurs. Here’s why .

Let's break his downswing into two parts: the initial move looks like a squat, and you can see the legs loading and pressure moving to the left side. This is an incredibly important move, as it allows the second stage of his downswing to apply maximal rotation without the fear of losing control of the club. When not executed correctly, many amateurs develop a swing fault we call "hang back." This prevents the ability to rotate, which hurts clubhead speed and overall control of the club. Rory demonstrates how to maximize your speed potential and remove hang back -- perhaps once you see this swing in slow motion, you'll have a new opportunity to do the same.

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