Swing of the Week: A closer look at Bryson DeChambeau's power move

November 16, 2020 12:26 PM

Bryson DeChambeau didn't win the Masters as many had predicted, but he is still a fantastic example of a player who completely understands his swing. In the latest episode in a new series sponsored by Swing Index, we explore how DeChambeau generates all that power.

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DeChambeau focuses on the body, rather than the arms and wrist movements. When you look at his upper body turn it is perfectly coiled, which is facilitated with strong lower body positioning that allows him to create a powerful yet controllable position at the top.

DeChambeau's body position allows him to unleash his incredibly fast clubhead speed in the release. Although he has minimal use of the lever system in the backswing, this powerful body turn loads the wrists and adds to his speed.

DeChambeau has found the recipe to become a major champion, and although your solution might not be the same, there is definitely a solution available.

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