Latest Episodes
  • Donald Trump’s golf properties will face new challenges after PGA of America and R&A steer clear of associating with outgoing U.S. president
  • A comment by a hall-of-famer regarding modern players who could have won decades ago prompts Alex Miceli to take stock of today’s stars
  • Rickie Fowler, one of golf’s all-time greats in pitching products, hasn’t quite lived up to his advertising on the PGA Tour, Alex Miceli says
  • A bizarre incident on the Professional Golf Tour of India can teach all of us about how to handle the bad breaks in golf and life
Past Episodes
  • As TV ratings begin to fall, the major professional golf tours need to ‘put a better product on television,’ Alex Miceli says
  • In the absence of meaningful public-service announcements from the game’s leaders, golfers still should do their part, and it begins Nov. 3
  • 'Everything seemed to align’ for Sergio Garcia, who all of a sudden finds some momentum as the PGA Tour looks toward Augusta National and the Masters next month
  • One of the game’s lost arts is for a golfer to recognize a problem in his or her swing and be able to fix it
  • Bryson DeChambeau changes the calculus in professional golf, and his opponents know that they must respond
  • What was the LPGA thinking? Blue wall behind 18th green at ANA Inspiration is no banner moment for women’s tour
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