Episode 47: A Ryder Cup without fans?

April 20, 2020 07:55 PM

The growth of the Ryder Cup can be pegged to one key factor: fans. “To suggest that you would do one without fans is just completely ludicrous,” said Alex Miceli, noting concerns about the coronavirus pandemic ahead of the Sept. 25-27 matches. Miceli said it with conviction while sporting the sweater that American Raymond Floyd wore in the 1981 Ryder Cup. “The United States had the best team ever in the Ryder Cup, and practically no one saw it,” said Miceli, saluting a visiting team that thumped the Europeans by nine points at Walton Heath in England. It was the last year in which the biennial series was not televised live, so it had a limited following in the U.S. Let’s not repeat that mistake, Miceli said.

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