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  • Dustin Johnson, a disappointment? After a 30-under score and a runaway victory in the PGA Tour's Northern Trust, the 1st playoff event? Only in the modern golf world
  • Golf teaches many lessons in the course of the game’s unpredictable bounces, and the true champions know how to endure the rub of the green
  • No, it didn’t result in a Wanamaker Trophy, but Phil Mickelson earned something just as sparkling and coveted at the recent PGA Championship: Praise from Morning Read's Alex Miceli
  • To many golf fans, Bryson DeChambeau is about as likable as a bug in your beer, but Alex Miceli acknowledges that the PGA Tour star was not out of bounds in asking for relief from 1 fire ant in Memphis
  • Alex Miceli questions the recent White House decision to grant the PGA Tour – just in time for this week's WGC event and then next week’s PGA Championship – a lot of latitude in admitting foreign golfers ‘from bubble to bubble’ to the U.S. to compete and avoid quarantine restrictions
  • So says Alex Miceli, who adds that the 2-stroke penalty incurred by Jon Rahm after his victory at the Memorial Tournament, though ultimately meaningless in the outcome, should prompt another review of the Rules of Golf
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