How to putt side-saddle, part 2: 'Throwing motion'

October 21, 2020 06:23 PM

This is the second episode in MR.TV's new series on side-saddle putting. Should side-saddle putting be a "last resort" for golfers who struggle on the greens? Absolutely not, says Brittany Bomar, co-founder of the Bomar Putting Co. Bomar and her family own their saddle-saddle putting business and produce putters that are engineered to fit the stroke. They believe side-saddle putting is simply the best way to become more consistent on the green.

In this episode, Bomar explains how a side-saddle putting stroke should look and feel like tossing a ball underhanded. (Or tossing a beanbag in a game of cornhole.) Pair that with "face-on" aiming, in which you use both eyes to line yourself up to the target, and you have a setup to make more putts than ever before.

Look for more episodes on the side-saddle putting stroke coming soon.

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