Under The Strap

John Ashworth talks fashion, Linksoul and the time he caddied at the 1986 Masters

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Morning Read has partnered with The Caddie Network to distribute its podcast, "Under the Strap," on the Morning Read Podcast Network. This week's guest: John Ashworth. When it comes to fashion icons in golf, they don't get much bigger than Ashworth. He put golf lifestyle clothing on the map with Ashworth Golf, and he continues to do so today with Linksoul. Ashworth started his fashion career after he spent a season as a caddie on the PGA Tour. In this episode, Ashworth tells us all about his journey, taking a bag from his older brother at the 1986 Masters, his passion project at Goat Hill Park in Oceanside, California, and a whole lot more. Look for new episodes of "Under the Strap" every week on Morning Read.

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