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Galway Bay rain gear stands out in test

September 4, 2019

Galway Bay’s Rain Gear Earns “Best Rain Gear of 2019” Accolades from Testing Panel

Industry’s Most Breathable, Fashion-Forward All-Weather Apparel Proves a Hit

ALPHARETTA, GA - For the second-consecutive year, premium all-weather rain gear from luxury outerwear brand Galway Bay has earned MyGolfSpy’s “Best Rain Gear” distinction. The popular golf-equipment review website ( commissioned a panel of unbiased volunteers to test 28 rain gear offerings and give their honest feedback in grading rain jackets and pants in four categories: Waterproofing, Comfort, Breathability and Fit. Galway Bay’s innovative all-weather jackets and pants earned high marks in all categories.


“To be named top-in-class by MyGolfSpy reviewers is particularly rewarding because they’re a discriminating crowd that doesn’t hold back giving their most honest opinions,” says Galway Bay founder Terry Prillaman. “Our apparel has been entered into two MyGolfSpy tests as a small, relatively unknown brand and has come out on top among some very big names both times. We hope to continue to raise the standard in this category.”


Touted as “independent and unbiased,” MyGolfSpy’s testing has become one of the most trusted sources for golf consumer reviews.

“We put in (24) hours of testing utilizing data-driven protocols to test new metrics. Over the course of the test, we used the same protocol for every rain suit in the test. To limit bias, we paid careful attention to the phrasing of the questions as well as the timing of when particular questions were asked,” says Harry Nodwell, MyGolfSpy’s director of product testing.

Galway Bay rainwear stands apart in the industry with lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow golfers to stretch and move freely while staying warm and dry. Designed by expert tailors and using 100-percent-waterproof and 100-percent-breathable materials, Galway Bay outerwear was developed to be a refreshing, fashion-forward alternative to bulky, ill-fitting and uncomfortable rain gear.

In 2009, Prillaman, an Atlanta-based investment advisor, found himself dissatisfied with traditional rain gear’s ability to keep him consistently warm, dry and able to swing naturally. So, he set out to create a better class of golf outerwear. His relentless pursuit of improved fabrics and designs led to some interesting discoveries, not to mention 10 trips to China to study and test fabrics. While seeking a water-proof rain paint that fit like tailored, true-fit golf slacks and could combat the cold (as opposed to the market’s baggy, nearly-shapeless rain paints), Prillaman found a company in Canada that made the fabric used for Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniforms. The rest is history.

Galway Bay’s All-Weather lined Winchester pants use the world’s most breathable stretch fabric that is also waterproof and windproof. The Winchester’s inner liner is constructed of a high-end, temperature-regulating fabric that ensures comfort in temperatures down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The pants, which feature belt loops, a seven-inch zipper and nine-inch-deep pockets, are designed to look like and be worn as golf slacks, eliminating the need to dress in layers. The pants can be ordered to fit a golfer’s exact waist and inseam sizes, optimizing comfort, fit and style like no other rain pant ever has.

“Even with all the technology in the fabric, it’s crucial that our apparel is lightweight enough so golfers can move and swing without restriction,” Prillaman says. “This is first all-weather pant that was never designed to be worn over your golf pants. They are your golf pants. Brilliant Italian tailors ensure the styles match today’s golfers tastes.”

The non-lined Waterville pant has the same design as the cold-weather Winchester but is even more lightweight and made to be worn in temperatures between 45- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit. “The greatest testament to the pants’ design is seen in how many people wear them when it’s not raining as an every-day comfortable dress pant,” Prillaman says.

The all-weather Carlisle jacket uses the most breathable weatherproof technology in the industry. Strong and durable without excess bulk, the jacket is designed to move with the golfer, allowing free, comfortable swings. The Carlisle is available in multiple color options and features a softer, quieter fabric than typical rain gear and rubberized waterproof zippers. The neckline is lowered and rounded on the edges so it’s not a distraction during a golf swing.

All Galway Bay fabrics are designed to breathe easy, releasing excess body heat and reducing sweat.

New to this year’s Galway Bay line is the Westport Half-Sleeve pullover, 100-percent waterproof top with two layers of outer-water repellency. This seam-sealed jacket is the first of its kind to feature an additional outer layer of Teflon which creates increased waterproof and easier movement. The Westport is constructed from Galway Bay’s new Hydro-Flex32 fabric, a lightweight, flexible, extremely waterproof material which offers two layers of DWR (Durable Water Repellent coatings).

The sleeveless Canterbury vest features a quilted, lightly-insulated front with water-repellent back and stretch side panels. The design provides full range-of-motion for an unrestricted golf swing. This full-zip vest has a small 1.25” collar for comfort.

“Trying on our rain gear is believing,” says Prillaman. “Wearing it and not hearing the annoying swooshing sound when you move is a revelation as is wearing rain pants that don’t drag the ground or a rain jacket that doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a sauna. All of our little advantages add up to an industry-leading product line that puts the golfer first.”

Galway Bay is sold online and, soon, in select golf shops. To learn more about Galway Bay’s innovative line of golf outerwear, visit

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