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Pendulum Pro aims to help short game

Pendulum Pro improving golfers’ short game

Training aid helps golfers of all skillsets master chipping and putting

Windsor, Ontario – January 7, 2019 – A new golf training aid is already catching the attention of the golfing world with its ability to take strokes off anyone’s game.

The Pendulum Pro teaches golfers the connected, one-piece pendulum motion, quickly building muscle memory for an improved short game. Many golf professionals already testify to the impressive results.


“The correct movement pattern is ingrained into the golfer’s muscle memory, allowing them to feel the correct and incorrect motion,” said Donovan Fraser, PGA of Canada, director of Port Credit Golf and Country Club. “The Pendulum Pro is a tool that golfers can use to feel the proper pendulum motion when chipping and putting, and initiating the first takeaway move, which is vital to consistent contact and accuracy.”

Having a strong short game can mean the difference between 10 to 15 strokes per round. Up until now, there hasn’t been a training aid with the kind of versatility as Pendulum Pro offers for the overall short game. This three-in-one training aid improves chipping, putting and the initial takeaway move with all clubs.

That’s why people like Bob Sneddon, Canadian PGA teaching professional, was quick to boast about the Pendulum Pro.

“As pros, we are continually trying to teach the rocking of the shoulders, but we don’t always get the point across,” he said. “The Pendulum Pro is a great way of teaching the right motion, whether it be chipping or putting.”

The Pendulum Pro is the brainchild of Roger Awad, president of ChipPuttMAX. An avid golfer, who was frustrated with his short game, he set out to create a device that would eliminate incorrect movement of the arms, wrists and hands, while instilling the proper fundamentals of chipping and putting.

When practicing with the Pendulum Pro, an incorrect movement gives the golfer immedi- ate feedback, building the correct muscle memory patterns for an improved short game.

“We tend to make putting and chipping and the initial takeaway move more complicated than it needs to be because most of us just don’t know how to properly do it,” said Awad. “The Pendulum Pro trains golfers so they can transfer what they’ve practiced into their golf game and lower their scores. It also gives golfers confidence in their short game, which is most players’ weakness. It’s liberating.”

From golfers that are picking up a club for the first time to professional golfers with decades of experience, the Pendulum Pro is for everyone. Teaching fundamentals while instilling confidence, it is a device that needs to be in every golfer’s toolbox and is a training aid necessary for every PGA teaching professional.

About ChipPuttMAX
ChipPuttMAX is headquartered in Windsor, Ontario. Founded in 2014 by Roger Awad, a retired engineer and avid golfer and joined by Darcy King of Unique Tool and Mold in 2018. Both owners share one central vision: to painlessly help golfers improve their game.

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