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Inntopia targets golf-marketing initiatives

How Boyne Resorts is Using Inntopia to Rebuild Golf Marketing

Ken Griffin is Boyne’s Director of Golf Sales and Marketing. He’s using the data that Inntopia’s centralized CRM database makes available to better understand the audiences who have booked golf vacations in the past. This is allowing him to better allocate marketing resources going forward.

“We chose Inntopia because it has the best integration with RTP,” says Griffin. “We’re at a tipping point. We’ve been able to use the tools in Inntopia’s platform to see what’s selling, to people from where, and then start to explore why. And that’s been extremely valuable.”


Before investing in Inntopia Marketing Cloud, Griffin and his team were forced to rely on assumptions about his target markets.

“It was easy to assume that one metropolitan area was much more important to us than another based on anecdotal evidence or preconceived notions. But digging into the data we can see that there are some areas we thought were major markets that are less important than we thought, and some cities that are significant drivers of business that we were dismissing,” says Griffin.

“Of course, that makes it much easier to create a marketing plan that focuses our budget on the right markets,” says Griffin. “But it also leads us to a very productive conversation and investigation into why those different markets are behaving that way, and how we might be able to affect that.”

Boyne will begin leveraging Marketing Cloud data into targeting email campaigns in the coming year. Griffin says he looks forward to being able to track.

“We have established a base, and now we can move forward and know how we’re doing,” says Griffin. “It’s been invaluable to be able to be able to see deeper than just clicks and opens, all the way to the amount of revenue that has come from a certain guest or a segment of our audience. For the golf side of Boyne, Inntopia Marketing Cloud has been a game-changer.”


Chris Eaton, Director of Business Development, Golf at Inntopia will be at booth 3013 at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida on January 23-25, 2019. Drop by the booth, or contact him to get a quick walk through of how our golf resort partners are taking advantage of Inntopia's intuitive booking platform, allowing lodging and live tee times to be booked in a single cart, as well as the robust Marketing Cloud solution that has a proven ROI.

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