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Golf Life Real Estate to launch Jan. 20

Golf Life Real Estate set to launch January 20

Golf Life Real Estate, ( a leading real estate technology services company dedicated to providing customers the best way to find, evaluate and select golf lifestyle real estate experts, has announced the first official day of business will be January 20, 2019.

According the American Association for Retired People (AARP) about 10,000 citizens turn 65 every day. Baby Boomers are retiring and exploring a new chapter to spend their twilight years that includes a lifestyle with golf options and warm weather.

Golf Life Real Estate (GLRE) is a company with a mission to become America’s No. 1 golf lifestyle relocation and information source. GLRE connects with retiring Baby Boomers and buyers seeking a second home in a golf community.

“Golf Life Real Estate helps each of our customers find a golf community or home that best fits their personal budget, golfing habits and family lifestyle,” said CEO Paul Daly. “All golf communities are not created equal. The key features of each community need to be evaluated in order to find the community with which they’re most compatible and comfortable.”

Here are nine key reasons why GLRE is a trusted golf lifestyle real estate advisor:

  • Community History — who is the developer; what’s its age; what is its financial condition; how progressive is it?
  • Community Size — how many homes does it have?
  • Location — is it close to beaches; close to shopping and dining?
  • Golf Course — who designed it; how “player friendly” is it…for both men and women; how hard is it to get on in peak season?
  • Membership Programs — what memberships are available; what do they include; are they optional or mandatory; how much do they cost…upfront initiation fee, and annual fee; are there any new member “incentives” available?
  • Clubhouse — is it big enough to accommodate the size of the community; does it need updating; sizes of key areas… casual and formal dining; pro shop; etc.?
  • Amenities & Activities — do they have a full array of amenities; what ones don’t they have; are they big enough for the size of the community; what is their plan to add the missing amenities?
  • Housing Sales History — how many homes have sold in the past year; how many are currently for sale…and how long have they been on the market?
  • Experience --- every Golf Life Concierge with GLRE is certified with a career in real estate that spans 20 years.

About Golf Life Real Estate
Golf Life Real Estate is a leading real estate technology services company based in Boston, MA. The company combines a dedication to exceptional customer service and innovative technology to give customers the best way to find, evaluate and select golf lifestyle real estate experts to assist in the relocation process.

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