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Thor Guard to add heat-index feature

Thor Guard Introduces First-Ever Heat Index Forecast System

(SUNRISE, Fla.)Thor Guard – the world’s only lightning prediction system – has introduced the first-ever heat index technology that warns people of scorching temperatures with up to 20 minutes notice.

The heat index is part of the new Thor Guard 360 (TG360) scheduled for distribution in Fall 2018 – that also unveils unprecedented tornado prediction, adding to the brand’s decades-long leadership predicting (versus detecting) lightning and other perilous weather scenarios.

“Advent of Thor Guard’s proprietary heat index active local warnings overcomes an often-overlooked problem,” says Bob Dugan, President of Thor Guard. “The National Weather Service reports over 600 people annually suffer or die from heat-instigated exhaustion or strokes, and our proactive-alert technology is poised to significantly lower this number.”

The TG360 heat index feature issues two levels of alerts: a short-term suspension for temporarily dangerous conditions and a long-term suspension recommending an extended amount of time away from the conditions. Custom warnings include instantaneous automated audible visual text alerts of each index level – using LED strobe lights and audible sound.

The new system advances us to the next generation by educating us on other forms of severe weather we should be privy to,” says Robert Markionni, Executive Director of the of Chicago District Golf Association “The original system already brought a certain advancement to our fingertips and now that advancement is heightened.”

As the longest-tenured company in the category globally, Thor Guard is widely used in 21 countries with more than 7,000 systems installed across golf courses, parks, schools and universities, cities and municipalities, air travel concerns, government agencies, mining and industrial companies, sporting events and broadcast media and more.

About Thor Guard
Since 1976, Thor Guard delivers warning of potential lightning and other severe weather conditions.  Utilizing proprietary atmospheric electrostatic analysis technology, Thor Guard provides live streaming local radar to protect people and equipment, and better manage outdoor events. Thor Guard customers include the United States Golf Association, American Junior Golf Association, United States Tennis Association, Tournament Players Clubs, Marriott Golf, Department of Homeland Security, NASA, American Airlines, Jet Blue, Pearson International Airport (Toronto), AT&T, UPS, Google, Rolls Royce, University of Michigan and Broward County (Florida).

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Derika Crowley