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Peter Millar, Hari Mari make sandal


Raleigh, N.C. (May 2018) – Partnering with the leading maker of luxury flip-flops, Peter Millar is excited to introduce the Hari Mari x Peter Millar collaboration. 

Hari Mari’s renowned vision for aesthetics, design quality standards and commitment to simplicity, color and innovatively engineered comfort, has made the brand the ultimate standard in the world of flip-flops. In addition, the company donates 1% of all flip-flop sales to support kids and their families battling cancer—with donations specifically ear-marked for pediatric oncology and hematology centers helping families regardless of their financial situation. 

Hari Mari x Peter Millar flip-flops are constructed from premium USA-made Horween leather. For over 100 years and five generations, Horween Leather Company has maintained their tradition of excellence in order to produce the world’s best leather products. These exclusive collaboration flip-flops feature neoprene-lined, memory foam-filled toe posts and straps to eliminate break-in periods and provide a customized fit; they’re also designed with thin, lightweight, soft-squeeze memory foam-filled midsoles for support, mobility and comfort, as well as an exclusive heel cup design and non-marking, boat-safe, carbon-free rubber outsoles.

"When we set out to create the ultimate Peter Millar sandal, we had very specific goals in mind,” said Peter Millar Vice President of Design and Merchandising, Jason Cater.  “We wanted to collaborate with American brands that stand for authenticity, quality, and craftsmanship. This led us to Hari Mari, a premier footwear innovator at the forefront of their craft, as well as Horween Leather Company, one of the finest and most respected tanneries in the world.” For Cater and the Peter Millar brand, it was also important to continue to create innovative products with details that would exceed the Peter Millar customer’s expectations. “When developing this new collaboration we wanted to partner with brands where commonalities existed through creative vision, a passionate design prowess, and most importantly, strong company values,” emphasized Cater.  “At Peter Millar, we can’t imagine a company more aligned with these core competencies than Hari Mari, and it was a real pleasure and privilege to share this experience with their incredible design team."

“Constructing a premium flip-flop worthy of the Peter Millar brand, its iconic stature and classic styling is a huge honor for Hari Mari,” said Jeremy Stewart, Hari Mari Founder. “An honor made even better by the collaborative experience of working side-by-side with Peter Millar's beyond-talented team on all aspects of the sandal, A to Z!”

Hari Mari X Peter Millar sandals will be available in Peter Millar retail stores and online at and starting early May, 2018 and available through Peter Millar wholesale partners in Fall 2018.


Peter Millar LLC, a division of Richemont S.A., is a leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products. Peter Millar has achieved remarkable growth and success by supplying the highest quality products to a premium limited distribution. Peter Millar offers a wide range of casual sportswear, tailored dress furnishings, and luxury and performance golf attire. The Company’s brand names include Peter Millar, Peter Millar Collection, Peter Millar Tailored Clothing, Peter Millar Dress Furnishings, and Crown Sport Performance Apparel.  

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Hari Mari's roots were born out of a futile search for colorful & comfortable flip flops in a sea of black and brown, and mostly uncomfortable, options. Their clean aesthetics, design-forward approach and “ahh”-inducing feel are driven by a commitment to simplicity, color, and comfort, making THE flip flop for flip flop enthusiasts. Paying homage to the origin of their commitment to helping kids and the trace root of the brand, “Hari” (Hahree) literally means “sun” in the Indonesian Language while “Mari” (Mahr- ee) means “sea” in Latin.  But, Lila and Jeremy are more likely to tell you Hari Mari just means making a great pair of flip flops that also help support a lot of incredibly brave children.

For more information, visit, become a fan of Hari Mari on Facebook at, and follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram at @HariMariShoes.  


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