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Golf Genius adds Quick Event Setup

Wayne, PA – February 23, 2018 – Golf Genius Software, provider of the golf industry’s most comprehensive and widely used tournament management system, today announced the release of Quick Event Setup, a new feature that streamlines the steps to create simple single-round games.  

While customer satisfaction is high, and customers appreciate the advanced capabilities of the product, users wanted an easy and quick way to set up the smaller games that are common at clubs and courses.  To address this, Quick Event Setup allows the golf staff to enter the minimal information required and quickly generate scorecards and printed materials.  If needed, users can easily navigate to the full set of advanced features including management of divisions and flights, a full library of tournament formats, mobile app with live scoring, event web portals and more.

According to Mike Zisman, CEO of Golf Genius Software, “Quick Event Setup is a great example of how we listen closely to users and rapidly respond to their tournament management needs. Our guiding principle is simple: listen, learn, and constantly improve.  In this case, improving meant reducing complexity for simple events as a complement to our advanced capabilities for multi-round, multi-day, and multi-course events.”

Quick Event Setup is now available to all users of Golf Genius, as well as users of USGA Tournament Management powered by Golf Genius Software.

About Golf Genius Software:

Golf Genius Software provides the most comprehensive and widely used tournament management system available today.  

Combining the best aspects of the traditional golf experience with innovative cloud-based and mobile technology, Golf Genius offers features including customizable event websites, online registration and payments, a full library of tournament formats, live scoring, TV leaderboards, printed materials, and integration with popular club systems. 

Golf Genius is used at private clubs, public courses, resorts, and golf associations around the world. Through a special collaboration with the USGA, thousands of golf clubs and virtually every State and Regional Golf Association in the United States have also adopted USGA Tournament Management powered by Golf Genius Software.

Golf Genius Software has more than 50 employees, including more than 20 PGA professionals, with sales and support operations in the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia.  For more information about Golf Genius Software, visit