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Hogan Co. to offer club customization


Fort Worth, Texas – January 31, 2018 - Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, LLC, announced today it will offer length, lie and grip customization options for its entire iron line and hybrids.  In addition to being able to select shaft material and flex, Ft. Worth, Ft. Worth Hi, PTx Irons and VKTR Hybrids can now be ordered in 'non-standard' lengths and lies, as well as with mid-sized grips.

"Since our relaunch a few months ago, we've been focused on simplifying our business.  Our product line and offerings have been very limited … primarily because we had found that over 75% of players were using 'stock' product specifications," said Scott White, President and CEO of Ben Hogan Golf Equipment.  "However, we completely understand that not all serious, committed and accomplished players have the same builds or swing profiles.  Now, customers will be able to specify exactly how they want their irons, utility clubs or hybrids custom built by our craftsmen in Fort Worth, Texas."


Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company offers its irons with seven (7) different premium shafts … four (4) steel and three (3) graphite … in multiple flexes.    Customers can have VKTR hybrids custom built with their choice of seven (7) different graphite shafts.

Now, Ft. Worth, Ft. Worth Hi, PTx Iron and VKTR Hybrid can be ordered in any length from 2.0 inches longer than standard to 1.5" shorter in quarter inch increments.  Lie angles on the irons can be adjusted by up to three (3) degrees, up or flat and two (2) degrees on the hybrids, up or flat.

Plus, grips can be ordered in standard sized or mid-sized.  Stock/standard configurations will remain available for all irons, utility clubs and hybrids as well.


True to their innovative factory-direct distribution and pricing strategy, Ben Hogan Ft. Worth, PTx Irons and VKTR Hybrids will be available for purchase at exclusively

Ft. Worth Iron sets are sold direct-to-consumers for $660.00 / 7-piece set, while PTx Irons are offered for $770.00 / set.  Ft. Worth Hi Utility Irons are priced at $95.00 each and VKTR Hybrids priced at $135.00 each. All shafts are priced uniformly, and there will be no upcharge for length, lie or grip customization. 


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Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company manufactures premium golf clubs and golf bags, and is committed to continue Ben Hogan's reputation of innovation, performance and classical designs.  The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas, Ben Hogan's longtime home and the site of the original Company which opened in 1953.  The Company offers their premium products online at exclusively.  By eliminating the retail "middleman", the Company's cost structure is minimized and consumers are able to purchase high-quality golf equipment at factory-direct prices. 

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