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Weatherman introduces Golf Umbrella


Features Include Bluetooth-Connected Technology, Integrated Weather App, Automatic Open, UPF 50+ Sun Barrier, Storage for Accessories and Wind Resistance to 55 MPH

NEW YORK (Jan. 23, 2018) – After revolutionizing the umbrella industry with the launch of its Collapsible and Stick Umbrellas in November 2017, Weatherman introduced its Golf Umbrella today at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

Available in two sizes, 62 and 68 inches, Weatherman’s features change how golfers of all skill levels approach weather conditions on the course. Teflon-coated fabric keeps golfers dry and the UPF 50+ barrier protects them from the sun, making Weatherman the perfect golf umbrella for rain—or shine. A large mesh pocket on the inside of the canopy offers a dry storage compartment for gloves and a scorecard, while a silicone-coated, non-slip rib is the perfect place to hang a towel.

“Golf is a game of inches and we accounted for each one while developing this umbrella,” said Weatherman Founder and CEO Rick Reichmuth. “We spoke to golfers of all levels, as well as golf fans, and learned that protection from the sun was just as important as protection from the rain, and keeping everything within arm’s reach was crucial. We listened, developed, and delivered the best golf umbrella ever made.”

Reichmuth, one of the nation's most trusted meteorologists, first set out to design his own umbrella when he couldn't find one that met his standards. The first two Weatherman umbrellas—the Collapsible and Stick—sold out two weeks after November's launch.  

Like those two models, the new Golf Umbrella includes an integrated Weatherman app that pairs with a Bluetooth tracker to detect the forecast, then gives you alerts when you need to bring your umbrella along. Even if you misplace your Weatherman umbrella on or off the course, the app makes it easy to track its location.

"We think everyone, from professional golfers to beginners to those just enjoying a day at the course, will appreciate the benefits of Weatherman,” Reichmuth added.

The complete lineup of features that set Weatherman apart:

●        Unmatched quality: Industrial-strength, auto-open umbrella with 14MM gauge fiberglass shaft prevents breaking and inverting. Built to last for every kind of rain there is—showers, gusts, storms, and everything in between. Lightweight, yet sturdy.

●        Meteorologist perfected: Rick Reichmuth has spent the past 16 years as a meteorologist for top national news networks forecasting severe weather events—from hurricanes to tornadoes, wildfires and blizzards.

●        Maximum sun protection: UPF 50+ coating blocks the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

●     Mesh pocket: A large pocket offers storage for scorecards and gloves.

●     Silicone-coated rib: The perfect place to hang a golf towel; it stays dry and won’t slip off.

●        Smart technology: Embedded tracker chip utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology to locate your umbrella and ensure it's never lost or left behind.

●        Always knows the forecast: Weatherman connects to an exclusive weather app that issues real-time weather alerts and custom notifications, while also providing essential hourly and extended weather forecasts.

●        Wind tunnel tested: Weatherman is wind resistant up to 55 MPH.

●        Repels water and dries fast: Fabric coated with Teflon wicks away water and dries quickly.

●        Ergonomic handle: Custom-designed handle is comfortable for all hand shapes and sizes.

●        Reflective edge for safety: Extra protection at night or in low-visibility conditions.

●        Lifetime guarantee: Weatherman stands behind its products with superior customer service and a lifetime guarantee.

The Weatherman Golf Umbrella will be available in two sizes, 62 and 68 inches, and in an array of colors in March, but available for pre-order today at

Weatherman represents the convergence of technology, engineering and state-of-the-art design. The result? The best umbrella ever created. Weatherman was conceived by nationally recognized meteorologist Rick Reichmuth. After years in the field covering severe weather events, Rick couldn't find an umbrella that met his high standards. Leveraging his meteorology expertise, Weatherman was born. For more information, please visit and follow@weathermanumbrella on Instagram.

Rick is an AMS Seal-Certified meteorologist with more than 16 years of forecasting expertise and experience on national news networks, reporting during severe weather events—from hurricanes to tornadoes, wildfires and blizzards. After nearly a decade in banking, Rick decided to make a change and pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a meteorologist. He completed the Broadcast Meteorology Program at Mississippi State University and is a member of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association.

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