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Inputt training aid to exhibit at PGA Show

Littlestown, PA (January 18, 2018) – The latest putting training aid to take on the golf market is called INPUTT and the company will exhibit and participate at Demo Day during at the 65th annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando next week.  INPUTT is a simple, yet revolutionary, training tool that simply guides a golfer’s body to replicate the same stance and stroke on every putt.

INPUTT has a patent-pending curvature on a plastic mold that keeps the putter head square while maintaining the position of the arms, shoulders, and torso through the entire arc of a proper stroke.  The white guidelines on the top of INPUTT help to ensure that the clubface stays square from backstroke to through-stroke and every point in between, and the small heel reminds players not to take their backstroke too far.

“Players can see their putting issues in real-time, and correct them on the spot,” said INPUTT inventor Barry Herbst.  “As they practice with INPUTT, they can continually identify and correct mistakes, and teach themselves an easily-repeatable perfect putting stroke.” INPUTT encourages what some refer to as muscle memory and creates strong neural pathways through repetition. Repetition and consistency are the keys to controlling your putt.”

“INPUTT is the answer,” said Ted Sheftic, PGA Professional and GOLF Magazine Top 100 teacher.  “From beginners to expert players, INPUTT can improve your putting.  My students who have used INPUTT have had tremendous success.  I’ve worked with junior players who have gone from 38 putts a round to under 30 putts.  That adds up to a lot of low scores.”


INPUTT is handcrafted in the USA, and designed for right-handed and left-handed golfers.  For more information, including tips on how to use INPUTT, testimonials, or to order the training device, please visit  

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