Where To Golf Next

Icon Golf: a hand-selected fellowship of golf enthusiasts with an affinity for luxury lifestyle pursuits

A membership at your local golf or country club comes with perks, among which is the reciprocity access you might get to other clubs and courses via your golf professional, or via a network of clubs and courses that are associated by common ownership or management group. Sure, it’s cool to be able to go play another private course every once in a while. To break the monotony of your regular game, you grab a couple friends from your club and head over to play the “sister” club, where you’re treated not unfairly or unkindly, and a memory or two might potentially be made. But really, the overall experience doesn’t feel much different than if you’d just stuck with your home club.

In the world of golf, access arrangements and reciprocal clubs are dime-a-dozen, and don’t provide the different, unique experiences to check off a bucket-list. They’re more of the same. 

Icon Golf is not your typical reciprocity agreement. Membership is not offered to the casual golfer - it’s for those who genuinely appreciate what is lasting and legendary about the game and the experiences around it. As a subscriber of Morning Read, we thought it’s something that would be right up your alley.

Membership is offered to those who appreciate that golf is much more than 18 holes.  It offers an elevated and uncompromising lifestyle in the company of other like-minded golf enthusiasts who genuinely appreciate what is great about the game.  The result is a compilation of unforgettable experiences and fellowship found only within Icon Golf - a distinctive combination of camaraderie, memory-making experiences, luxurious accommodations, and personalized attention to detail.


Currently, the Icon Golf portfolio features five of the most sought-after clubs and courses in the world, varying in desirable climate and topography - The Golf Club at Dove Mountain (27 holes | Tucson, AZ), The Gallery Golf Club (36 holes | Tucson, AZ), Sonoma Golf Club (18 holes | Sonoma, CA), Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club (36 holes | Portland, OR), and the Club at Kingsmill Resort (54 holes | Williamsburg, VA). Few golfers are ever fortunate enough to play these clubs – and even fewer will be able to access all of them, whenever they wish, as a distinguished Guest of the Owner. Icon Golf enthusiastically welcomes family and friends to enjoy the many benefits of membership. In addition, all memberships can be passed on to future heirs, generation after generation. These unique membership attributes are just two more ways that the family atmosphere and social camaraderie at the heart of Icon’s culture thrives.

Members enjoy every amenity these clubs have to offer (golf, swimming, fitness, spa, tennis, dining, lodging and more) with no limitations on usage, no fees to play golf, and member pricing on services available at each club, all with virtually no restrictions.  As a Guest of the Owner, every visit to an Icon Golf destination provides that elevated "home club" experience, each trip unique, yet consistently delivering on personalized attention to detail. 

Members also enjoy unique and personalized experiences, including an annual calendar of Experiences and Quests, built around members’ preferences and structured to provide camaraderie and fellowship amongst a hand-selected fraternity of friends.  An annual calendar is mixed with exclusive events and customized, unavailable-to-the-public opportunities. The Icon Golf calendar has the chance to become the centerpiece of your travel planning each year with some of the following unforgettable vacations: golf excursions to some of the premier clubs and courses around the globe, private dinners at wineries and restaurants in the California or Oregon wine country, customized Masters experiences, hospitality at professional sporting events, The Ryder Cup and President’s Cup, destinations for those entertaining family complete with ample activities for kids or the non-golfers, tournaments built for those golfing members seeking a friendly competitive environment, and entertaining couples’ retreats built around activities that match members' interests. The list of possibilities is endless. It is a set of experiences that - year-in and year-out - entice your desire to be part of something special.

Several of our staff here at Morning Read have had the opportunity to join Icon Golf President Jeff Goodsell and several of his members on a recent experience in Houston, TX during the PGA TOUR’s Houston Open. We’ve been able to do a lot of cool stuff in the world of golf, but playing some of the best golf the Houston area has offer, getting VIP access in member chalets during the tournament, and experiencing lodging at one of Houston’s premier boutique hotels - all with fun-loving, funny, and golf-crazy people - is close to the top of our list. We left convinced that Icon Golf is beyond a golf club; it’s an elevated lifestyle providing access and convenience for a select few to experience golf like never before.  A hand of service is always extended to you, your family and your guests. With ease and discretion, your needs will be cared for with meticulous attention to detail. In an effort to ensure you enjoy highly personalized experiences both on and off the course, we will take time to learn your individual preferences. No questions left unanswered. For a one-time initiation fee and minimal annual dues, nothing comes close to it in the world of golf.

Like we say above, we’re big fans of Icon Golf. So we worked out a pretty great offer for our readers - click here to check it out!