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Five tips: How to travel with golf clubs

While shipping golf clubs in advance to a destination has benefits, there is also a peace of mind that comes with having clubs with you

Golf clubs
Flying on direct flights reduces the percentages of clubs being late to a destination or possibly being lost.

For golfers wanting to travel the more conventional route, which is not shipping golf clubs in advance, here are a few airline tips to consider:

  • Don’t check your golf clubs at the curb. Valets often set one golf bag aside until a few others arrive, which can take some time. Before you know it, your clubs are still curbside and missed your flight.
  • Avoid traveling and playing golf the same day. Flying in at noon for a 2 p.m. tee time is a recipe for disaster.
  • Don’t over pack your golf travel bag with additional clothing, etc. There are more  small planes in the air than ever before and if your bag is “overweight” it will be placed off to the side and may not make your original flight.
  • Try to fly on direct flights. The fewer times your golf bag is moved from plane-to-plane the more you increase getting your sticks on time.
  • If you can drive — then drive. The prospects of a six- to eight-hour drive can be mentally taxing, but the drive time may be similar to your total travel time if you fly when you consider having to get to the airport two hours in advance. And you will already have a car when you reach your destination — and your golf clubs. 

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