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Tom Rowland

Capt. Tom Rowland is a fishing guide in both fresh and saltwater, and an entrepreneur. Becoming a flyfishing guide in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, was a dream come true, but finding great success in Key West, Fla., was even more of an unlikely success story. Tom started a production company, created, starred in, sold and distributed a television show on ESPN and OLN Network, and replicated the format two more times in offshore fishing and freshwater Bass Fishing. That original show is known as Saltwater Experience and it has been on the air for 16 years. The second show was Into the Blue (13 years) and the third is Sweetwater (10 years). Along the way, there was another show called Fitness Truth which aired for two years and covered the very early years of the then underground fitness movement of CrossFit.

Out of necessity due to declining television ratings and word-cutters, Tom and his partner Rich then created a digital network called Waypoint TV to take the outdoor television landscape to digital OTT platforms. Most recently, he has become a podcaster and creates inspiring and educational content for his loyal audience that includes interviews with entrepreneurs from all industries, fishing and hunting icons as well as, "how-to" advice. Tom credits much of his success to his dedication to his physical condition and keeps physical education as a foundational part of his message.