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Bracing for the cold

When the temps drop, what keeps you warm on course?

When the temperatures start to drop during the winter golf season, what are your go-to apparel choices to stay warm?

Galway Bay lined pants.

Don Sturtz
Savannah, Ga.

Playing golf between December and March use to be a great opportunity to get a round in under 3 hours with fewer golfers around. As I have gotten older, though, the cold has made it more difficult to consider the benefit of faster play. However, after seeing the article where Dustin Johnson is wearing the Adidas Frostguard jacket, I'm amped up with the idea of getting one of those to combat the cold. Now if I can only convince the spouse it's okay to spend $200.

Carlos Csicsmann
Chantilly, Va.

Cold weather gear includes Lands' End flannel-lined pants, 32 degrees long-sleeve underwear top, long-sleeve cotton mock turtle neck, vest and windbreaker. A Foot Joy stocking cap and handwarmers. We have played in 10-degree wind chill

Ted Reese
Bridgeville, Del.

I live in Chicago, but I play golf all year long as long as: 1, there is no snow on the ground; 2, the temperature is above 32; 3, the wind is less than 5 mph. What keeps me warm is layers, because the temps are either a lot colder or warmer than the actual temperature.

I start on top with a 32 Degrees Heat shirt over the torso and arms, followed by a turtleneck, followed by a sweater fleece, ¼-zip. On top of this, I put a windbreaker with a vest on top of that. Lately I have been skipping the sweater fleece and windbreaker in favor of a puffer jacket.

On the bottom are either Dockers slacks, or jeans, with rainsuit pants on top. I can take off whatever I need depending on the temperature at the course.

Jerome Koncel
Schaumburg, Ill.

A toque — no knit ball on top. That’s wimpy.

Bill Bamber
Edmonton, Alberta

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