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Can't leave home without it

What is the one golf-related accessory you cannot travel without?


Dave Parske
Fort Myers, Fla.

I'm 65 years old. What I can't leave home without is Advil.

Layne Yawn
Jonesboro, Ark.

The one aid I take wherever I go is the Dead Zero Putting disk. It remains in my golf bag year round. Simple, effective and has improved my putting over the past three years. The disk allows me to practice putting wherever I am — hotel room, practice green, etc.

I love the fact that it gives me a nice visual to focus on for putting. The added advantage is I now putt with the pin in and I get the same focus as when I’m using the disk. Most putting greens only have several holes to putt to. I place the disk wherever I like and am ready for practice.

Doug Throneburg
St. Charles, Ill.

I don’t leave my home without my Dead Zero Putting disk. Small, easy to pack, and helps me get ready on any green in the world.

Philip Beard
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Apple Watch with Tag Heuer golf app.

Jim Jewitt
Houston, Texas

What a great question. Obviously there will be various solid opinions of the one necessary item. So here is my choice along with some second choices:

1. Some form of distance measuring device. A range finder, GPS. If the club has a good caddie program, then probably not necessary. In fact, at some places (Cypress Point) they are not permitted.

But best to have one, so you are prepared if you get to a place that does not provide distances on sprinkler heads (Austin Golf Club — a Coore-Crenshaw design; guess Ben doesn't need it —where caddies are available, but not always mandatory).

2. Weather gear: rainsuit, rain gloves, warm gloves, stocking cap or ear wrap, chapstick, umbrella. You never know what Mother Nature will send as a surprise.

3. Golf shoes that fit comfortably for walking distances. If you go somewhere intending to buy a pair, they might not have your size. Or worse, you might get a blister and be miserable.

4. Two forms of credit cards. Some places don't take American Express. Then you can buy most of the items above. And bring $2 bills for extra tipping. Service people love it when I add a $2 bill to a credit card gratuity or to cash tips.

5. If appropriate, bring a gift indigenous to your home area or club to present to the head professional as a memento. I was always impressed when players from Scotland and Ireland would bring a ball marker, a club tie or other small item as a gift.

Golf is a wonderful way to meet new friends, both with the golf professional staff, management, service staff and the fellow golfers who are sharing the experiences.

Jim Deaton
Greensboro, N.C.

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