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Do golf shoes matter?

How much consideration do you put into the golf shoes you wear?

I wear the FootJoy DryJoys Tour. Was fitted for them by one of FootJoy’s specialists — different sized feet. More expensive than some, but worth every penny. An excellent shoe that gives me the supportive base I need as well as the level of waterproofing needed for most of United Kingdom. Sometimes I switch to a spikeless shoe in summer, but prefer the DryJoys.

Stephen Smith
Epsom, United Kingdom

This is a timely question. I basically have no choice in what to wear because manufacturers have exclusively transitioned to low-profile and usually pointy-toed styles. This is probably due to aesthetics, but also with some motivation to keep them tight to maximize energy transfer.

Unfortunately, people like myself with high insteps suffer pain and discomfort from wedging into these types of shoes. The veins on top of the foot are impinged, even my toes scrape across the top of the toe box. At the moment, the only model close to fitting is the FJ Flex, primarily because it is, well, flexible. Going to an extra wide (xw) size helps, but the problem is more height than width per se.

Sketchers, with the Howie Long "roomy" marketing, is particularly laughable. I can't get anything past my toes into their shoe.

Florian Eggleton
Reston, Va.

My primary consideration when searching for golf shoes is width. This is no easy task since it appears that most manufacturers think that all women have a B-width foot. I have a relatively small, but wide foot and deal with a bunion and hammertoe. I reluctantly buy my shoes online since golf equipment stores do not stock wide-width shoes. It’s even difficult to find them online. There’s very little choice for women when it comes to a quality golf shoe as compared to men’s selections.

Kathleen Daly
Staten Island, N.Y.

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