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Episode 6: Let’s hear it for American ingenuity

Tiger Woods and his U.S. team show the Internationals how to overcome obstacles and keep winning in the Presidents Cup

The Morning Listen Podcast

The Americans overcome three big obstacles – the course, the travel and the unknown reality of having a playing captain – to win yet another Presidents Cup. A “predictable” singles round on the fourth day, including Tiger Woods’ completing an unbeaten week, propels the U.S. to victory. Patrick Reed and his disciplined caddie Kessler Karain did not prove to be the distraction that they could have been. If you’re waiting on the projected Asian wave of talent to elevate the Internationals, don’t count on it. The Presidents Cup won’t be around in this format if the Internationals don’t make a stronger showing soon. You know who else won’t be around? Alex Miceli. He is signing off for 2019 and will return early in a new year filled with promise. A few hints about 2020: a new TV deal for the PGA Tour that could top $1 billion; a game that is in strong shape, largely because of professional golf; big events such as the Olympics and Ryder Cup on the schedule; and a major-championship lineup that could set up well for Woods.

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